Transformational Speaker, Human Potential Trainer 

Anurag Rishi is much more than a motivational keynote speaker. He is driven to spread the message of positive thinking and work ethics through his talks and training seminars. He drives people to do their best and not relay on luck, chance or fate. His leadership solutions help leaders to discover their true potential and strength. Anurag Rishi has 11+ years of experience in Corporate Training, Business Coaching, Sales Training, Leadership Development, Business Development, Strategy Formation and Implementation, Organisation System Development, Marketing & Branding and Direct Selling Industry. 

z Diverse Organisations and Top Prestigious Educational Institutes are associated with Mr.Anurag Rishi like, Tata Motors, Colten Whaledent, Aditya Birla Life, Tata Genuine Parts, Reliance Insurance, Nokia, Deherbs Wellness, 

Smart School Pvt. Ltd. , Pan India Good Books, I.I.T. , I.I.M. Ahmedabad and many more. 

Anurag Rishi’s videos based on life and business are watched by more than one million viewers every week across 30 countries on Youtube and Facebook. 

Mr.Anurag Rishi specialises in Boosting Productivity, Improving Communication Skills, Selling Skills, Maintaining Work Life Balance and Stress Management of employees by using practical tools and techniques which creates a Win-Win situation for both organisations and employees to become more progressive. 

Mr. Anurag Rishi’s Signature Workshop – REINVENT YOURSELF includes practical ways for Personal Growth that are easy to be applied in real life in order to achieve required results. 

Mr. Anurag Rishi’s team include highly skilled researchers and hence each and every session is based on concrete research and knowledge of the field. 

All of this helps you grow, succeed and blow away the competition. Anurag Rishi brings his passion, zeal and enthusiasm to the stage, along with extensive keynote Experience. 

Anurag Rishi focuses on building trust with the participants of the workshop by creating a light, friendly and interactive environment which helps participants to grasp knowledge imparted more easily. 


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